Not art-related, but life related. And that’s important too.

16 Feb

A good friend of mine posted this link on her facebook earlier today. This was someone she knew, and even though my life isn’t so tragic, this letter resonated with me on a very deep level. I just wanted to take a moment to share it with others.


Something new is coming…

27 Jan

I’ve made some breakfast-food featured jewelry, and also some new ideas for an art thing I want to do.
I’m sorry I keep posting to say I’m going to post, but I want to remind everyone I haven’t gone anywhere, and will be making some cool posts soon.

In the meantime, if you miss me, check out my food-blog entries with my friend Shane on our blog, Sinnamon Toast.

96 is almost 100

21 Jan

This is just a quick post for me to announce that I have officially reached 96 items in my shop. I have aspirations to make some bracelets to reach 100, and I also have a custom order to complete.
I’m not as busy as I was for the holiday season, but of course that was expected. I’m happy with things though, and now that I have a decent sized inventory, I’m full of ideas of things I want to work on. I’ll post photos accordingly.


2 Jan

Hopefully the world won’t end because I have art to make!

I hope everyone had a lovely and safe New Years Eve. I spend the evening and early morning hours with some close friends who I haven’t seen in much too long. I missed all my friends who were in other towns/cities/states and not at the same party as I was, but all in all, great success!

I have big plans for Bunnyfox this year…keep checking back as I add new art and jewelry to this little blogosphere of mine. And maybe pictures of my cat, because I like her and that’s what I do.

Take care darlings!

A Pre-Christmas Procrastination Post.

20 Dec


I’m feeling that the pressure I’ve put on myself to always have a central topic for each post has caused my posts to become much too infrequent. This post is just so I can put up something new, and also so I can procrastinate on my long list of Christmas-related tasks that I need to get done for both Bunnyfox and my personal life.

Business has been going well! I’ve sold plenty of orders to perfect strangers (!) online on my etsy shop, I’ve made custom orders for coworkers (and coworkers of my friend Rosie as well! She’s a lovely little walking advertisement for me because she has purchased several of my necklaces and worn them in public.) I also have reconnected with old friends through Facebook and Twitter as a direct result of Bunnyfox and my art. I’m a big fan of art bringing people together!

I need to end this post early, but in case there are no more posts before the holidays, I wanted to say Merry Christmas (or any other holiday you are celebrating…), and I hope the end of the year brings happiness and good things for you all. Thanks for being my friend and supporting my little art endeavor. I’ll make an attempt to post some photos of some new things soon…but just in case I don’t, my New Year’s Resolution is to be 100% more awesome with Bunnyfox and art-related things, so check back in January for my silly posts! And in the meantime, check out how busy I’ve been on my awesome shop:
P.S. Here’s some Holiday Cheer:

“Hey, remember that time that I found a human tooth?”

21 Sep

My friend Sam, who I met several years ago in art school, wanted me to make something “dental┬áhygiene” themed for her to wear while she studies to become a dental hygienist. I couldn’t think of anything outside of silly cartoons on shrink plastic that showed cute smiling teeth in love with toothbrushes, or cute little doodles of teeth who were happily giving you a thumbs up or a peace sign. I wasn’t happy with those drawings, even after they were coated with a perfect shiny coat of resin and looked about as good as they were going to get. I stopped working for a few days, but kept thinking about the assignment to create something dental related…I couldn’t get past dental waiting room-type drawings to calm children down; but then I remembered the lyric from Regina Spektor’s song, “That Time.”

Hey, remember that time that I found a human tooth, down on Delancey? Hey remember that time when we decided to kiss anywhere except the mouth? Hey remember that time when my favorite colors were pink and green…

I don’t know why I didn’t just think to make a human tooth and turn it into something cool. When I finally thought of this it seemed so obvious…I used polymer clay that I painted with a super glossy finish after baking it. The smaller teeth are going to be cast in resin later today.

Ideas inspired by the unseasonably chilly weather.

7 Sep

Sketchbook drawing with scented markers.My favorite season is fall…not only because it begins with my birthday (25 on Friday!), but because it is full of that feeling of crisp, clean new beginnings. I know that technically fall is the ending of the year, but to me, it’s always felt like a clean slate. I’m sure this is a reflection of a new school year, but I’m not actually in school this semester and I still feel that same feeling of starting something fresh and new. These past few days have been unseasonably cooler than the beginning of September generally is, so I’ve been hanging out around bonfires and sleeping under fluffy blankets, thinking about new designs to work on. I’m still thinking in terms of jewelry for my etsy shop, but I’m also thinking of some drawings to work on as well. I’m currently in the middle of casting 80s horror movie covers in resin for necklaces, and I’m also working on Dia de los Muertos themed drawings on shrink plastic. I’ve also decided to cast some images from traditional loteria cards in resin as well. I love all of these images, and am blaming this awesome fall weather as inspiration. Hopefully I’ll continue to be full of good ideas in the future. For right now I’m trying to stay motivated, and I think I’m doing a pretty good job so far.