Ideas inspired by the unseasonably chilly weather.

7 Sep

Sketchbook drawing with scented markers.My favorite season is fall…not only because it begins with my birthday (25 on Friday!), but because it is full of that feeling of crisp, clean new beginnings. I know that technically fall is the ending of the year, but to me, it’s always felt like a clean slate. I’m sure this is a reflection of a new school year, but I’m not actually in school this semester and I still feel that same feeling of starting something fresh and new. These past few days have been unseasonably cooler than the beginning of September generally is, so I’ve been hanging out around bonfires and sleeping under fluffy blankets, thinking about new designs to work on. I’m still thinking in terms of jewelry for my etsy shop, but I’m also thinking of some drawings to work on as well. I’m currently in the middle of casting 80s horror movie covers in resin for necklaces, and I’m also working on Dia de los Muertos themed drawings on shrink plastic. I’ve also decided to cast some images from traditional loteria cards in resin as well. I love all of these images, and am blaming this awesome fall weather as inspiration. Hopefully I’ll continue to be full of good ideas in the future. For right now I’m trying to stay motivated, and I think I’m doing a pretty good job so far.


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