A Pre-Christmas Procrastination Post.

20 Dec


I’m feeling that the pressure I’ve put on myself to always have a central topic for each post has caused my posts to become much too infrequent. This post is just so I can put up something new, and also so I can procrastinate on my long list of Christmas-related tasks that I need to get done for both Bunnyfox and my personal life.

Business has been going well! I’ve sold plenty of orders to perfect strangers (!) online on my etsy shop, I’ve made custom orders for coworkers (and coworkers of my friend Rosie as well! She’s a lovely little walking advertisement for me because she has purchased several of my necklaces and worn them in public.) I also have reconnected with old friends through Facebook and Twitter as a direct result of Bunnyfox and my art. I’m a big fan of art bringing people together!

I need to end this post early, but in case there are no more posts before the holidays, I wanted to say Merry Christmas (or any other holiday you are celebrating…), and I hope the end of the year brings happiness and good things for you all. Thanks for being my friend and supporting my little art endeavor. I’ll make an attempt to post some photos of some new things soon…but just in case I don’t, my New Year’s Resolution is to be 100% more awesome with Bunnyfox and art-related things, so check back in January for my silly posts! And in the meantime, check out how busy I’ve been on my awesome shop:
P.S. Here’s some Holiday Cheer:


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