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Something new is coming…

27 Jan

I’ve made some breakfast-food featured jewelry, and also some new ideas for an art thing I want to do.
I’m sorry I keep posting to say I’m going to post, but I want to remind everyone I haven’t gone anywhere, and will be making some cool posts soon.

In the meantime, if you miss me, check out my food-blog entries with my friend Shane on our blog, Sinnamon Toast.


96 is almost 100

21 Jan

This is just a quick post for me to announce that I have officially reached 96 items in my shop. I have aspirations to make some bracelets to reach 100, and I also have a custom order to complete.
I’m not as busy as I was for the holiday season, but of course that was expected. I’m happy with things though, and now that I have a decent sized inventory, I’m full of ideas of things I want to work on. I’ll post photos accordingly.


2 Jan

Hopefully the world won’t end because I have art to make!

I hope everyone had a lovely and safe New Years Eve. I spend the evening and early morning hours with some close friends who I haven’t seen in much too long. I missed all my friends who were in other towns/cities/states and not at the same party as I was, but all in all, great success!

I have big plans for Bunnyfox this year…keep checking back as I add new art and jewelry to this little blogosphere of mine. And maybe pictures of my cat, because I like her and that’s what I do.

Take care darlings!